Fecal pancreatic Elastase SK15


Special test version of our Pancreatic Elastase ELISA with an additional standard  SK15 (concentration 15 µg Elastase/g stool)



If you want to order this test version please mention BS-86-01 SK15


In co-operation with labs which examine stool samples of cystic fibrosis patients, BIOSERV developed a new test version of our Pancreatic Elastase ELISA. This test version includes an additional standard with a concentration of 15 µg Elastase /g stool. With the additional standard the calculation of elastase concentrations under 50 µg elastase/g stool will become more precise. For the physician who takes care for patients with cystic fibrosis, it is important to be able even to diagnose a very low function of the exocrine pancreas for finding selective measures of therapy. Using this test version the treating physician has a test at his disposal which allows to estimate more precisely the functioning of the exocrine pancreas in cases of cystic fibrosis patients.



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